Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 - Carpe Diem and all that

2011 held some marvelous moments and some very painful ones. It had many revelations and moments of clarity; the 'I know where I need to go and what I need to do' kind of moments.

2012, what will you bring? Of happiness and sadness, of adventure and knowledge, of things I need to learn?

To enter this year without my beautiful and amazing sister is almost unfathomable. But life is like that: it can change in a fraction of a second. It is so important that we recognise and treasure the moments and our relationships while we have them, that we actually realise that we are experiencing happiness, that even doing mundane things like washing the dishes is part of a normal and happy life unfolding. I would do anything to wash the dishes with my big sister again and share stories and laughter. To stay present in every moment, because that is all we really have. To make wonderful memories, because no one can take them away from us when everything else may crumble.

Carpe Diem or Seize the Moment. This phrase feels like a cliche, but it was the one that immedialy came to mind when I started to think about a word or an intention for 2012. So I had a think about what these two words really mean to me:

♣ It means to be brave and courageous
♣ To take responsibility and not let excuses stand in the way
♣ To be decisive and take action: to not procrastinate the actions and activities that will serve me in the short and long run
♣ To listen to the voice inside, the voice of my heart and spirit and soul that is giving me directions
♣ It means to stay present in every moment, in every emotion and thought process
♣ To give myself permission to be still and listen to music and read a book or write a few words without feeling I should be doing something else. As long as every experience I have and everything I do is heartfelt and true
♣ To make my heart sing
♣ In order to do the above, it also means to stay mindful, embrace imperfection and words for 2011. I like that. After all, everything is connected. We don't move forward without the past.